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They cancel request without telling any reason and the date apear when you can apply again and when you again send request the same message again show on the screen. I think they are just collecting data like CNIC, phone, bank account etc. This app is very good but the most bad thing of this app is that there is no any system to change the transfer account details. Once you put the details of account you can’t able to change the account details.

So it is request to App developer to add at least this change in this app. I installed this app to give it a try. Initially I requested for 10,000 loan and I have to pay 12,896 PKR after 91 Days. Then I eventually checked my request in their order domain. Where I can see my order was placed of 5000 PKR and I have to pay it in 18 Days, I don’t know about their interest rate in that. But fortunately I realized what is happening and when they called for the confirmation of the request/order.

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This app is good and benificial but are problem which I have face first was my loan is not increase of last time paid and one is camera verification.these worlds are in answer. Well I just got the message. And they gave me the time of 24 hrs. To be honest it is very easy and good way and actually very good time limits where you can easily return Great experience. I Have Read A Lot Of Reviews Saying This App Is Not Worth Even Downloading. But When I Tried By Myself This Is Seriously A Great Application.

I am not even in favor of giving it 1 star, the reason is that it is absolutely rubbish but someone should follow it whatever it is and all go. And only after taking complete data, it is said that it is not for pictures, then the purpose of saying these short is that the data can also be your miss use. Fake app I try twice o get a lone but reject every time notification shows nic pic is not cleared and in my account I was unable to change the pic of nic very bad experience I would suggest to not try a lone from this app.

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This is very bad and fraud app and very bad experience in my life when you confirm your loan after that you have shocked because they totally implement against you selected option they give you few days to return the loan but profit charges same after that you call the customer service and you shocked once again because they are Chang their behavior totally they have no time to listen you and they says if you don’t like this app so can’t apply next time for loan but now you pay must.

I’m having a worst experience of my life of online applications They delivered the loan in time I’ve repaid them in time but it’s not updating Instead of that the repaying amount is increasing day by day Customer services are bad that attend the call saying it will be updated shortly but not updating for last 5 days. I am disturbing so mush in repayment method i try many times to repay my loan payment but the app does not take me to option “pay now” .the app tell me to wait again.


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