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CamScanner will turn your device into a powerful portable scanner that recognizes text automatically (OCR) , and help you become more productive in your work and daily life. Download this scanner app for free to instantly scan, save, and share any document in PDF, JPG , Word or TXT formats.Would you like to keep your entire office in your pocket and increase your productivity at work? Use CamScanner features to handle your paperwork with ease. Say goodbye to huge and ugly copy machines and get this ultra-fast scanner app for free now.

This App really helped me during knockdown. There are additional features available on purchase. These features are not necessary needed for everyday job. So I can use the application easily. However I gave 4 start because sometime these scanning takes too much time.And when you have tho convert pictures to pdf file it takes much time if it can be speed up somehow, it would save us so much time. This app is very useful in various projects, office documentations and so on. I love to use this app. It is very convenient to use at every where and every place.

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I am so happy to see that there is an option of remove watermark from file by watching an add. I was thinking to download pdf maker app but CamScanner has such option also. My work has been done just with one app. This app has made my university work much easier. Has great features like auto adjust, auto light fix and much more. Overall, great experience so far. BUT, since last update, my old documents are not visible. Only recent scans are being displayed and showed. Kindly, needs your attention.) After the settings you advised, app is perfect again as it was.

I actually love this app. It has made my life much easier and comfortable. Now, I don’t need to go a computer shop to scan my documents. This app has many great features but no shadows is the best of them. Very disappointed from your ads is this a porn app or what how discursiveness disappointed from your ads is this a porn app or what how disgusting is this that you are promoting the porn apps and showing this on full screen.When opening your app its directly shows the ad on the full screen showing the girls pics etc. I dont have any problem from your rest ads.

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It working fine, but today suddenly my all documents disappeared. I try my best to sync the acct but still no response. Be careful with all your pictures. Now i need help how to recover my lost documents. Live the ease of use. Automatically identifies the page limits Every time. Great work! I even downloaded adobe scanner but yours is much more practical. This app used to be so good, one wondered if it was really from Adobe! But now the expectation is back to where it belongs. It takes blurry scans, and applies some white filter by default, which must be changed manually.

It’s great and I know it takes a learning curve. I am fairly adept at using software on any device, PC or phone and this app is good so far. Because there is no way to find the scans once saved. No matter where I look in any folder under any criteria, it cannot be found. So until a feature is added to show where it saves scans, etc, I’ll pass. If it’s only viewable thru the app, then it’s a no go for me. Great app, I was finding this type of app after cam scenes app but unfortunately no one satisfied me. After using this app my search completed.




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