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Coin FastGears makes your Internet more private and safer. No one should be able to snoop on what you do on the Internet. That you can connect to the Internet securely anytime. Coin FastGears prevents anyone from snooping on you by encrypting more of the traffic leaving your phone. We believe privacy is a right. We won’t sell your data. It used to work good but now it takes alot to open and sometimes it doesn’t even do like I’ve to restart my phone but currently it’s waste, it ain’t opening even tho I restarted my phone and even reinstalled this app.

Works like a Charm. Yes the speeds are not like a paid VPN service but I am still getting 50 Mbps on my 100 Mbps connection which is enough. You have options to choose nearby countries for faster connection. Very less or none advertisement. Some time the app done not opne after a little bit used ago to fix this problem clear the chases or open the app after removing it from recent used app Thanks to read this this surly fix your problem. They can easy to this features.Earlier it was good app but now apps have started to recognition.

Download Coin FastGears

This app is like a bait,hackers set it up, I noticed when I downloaded the app,it was controlling my phone,the phone was misbehaving. But immediately I delete it, my phone started to behave Normal. Beware free app. Keep saying connection failed, wouldn’t let me sign up. Tried my personal email and my business email. Still wouldn’t let me sign up or connect. Two thumbs down! With this app I can enter any website. And the most important fact of this app is that it keeps me totally safe. This app works(worked) perfectly fine until New York’s IP became premium.

I used to use New York’s IP to watch anime but after a while I noticed that it was moved to the premium section. Please include New York in the basic plan again. sometimes will using it suddenly gets disconnected and never works properly and will connection it shows no station selected plz select some station. Internet connection is still cut off every 1 am in here. And, people aren’t safe when internet connection is cut off. Thanks for standing with us. I will check out I could still use internet after 1 am by using the app or not.

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This is really a great vpn and use low net for playing pubg for around 2-3 hours but the only problem is that it automatically disconnects and and when we start it again it again disconnects in between the match. Pls fix this issue. I was curious about the orchid protocol and the VPN service.. All up until I actually tried it. So for one, it does not work. Funding your account through either the google pay or crypto option both fail at giving your account access. I am not sure why, but am assuming it has something to do with poor fee design when interacting with the Aida chain.

Second, support is non existent. This has happened 2 times now. One, funding with crypto (roughly 200.00 USD ) and with the cash option. I need a VPN only a few times a week when I’m logged into public networks. This app allows me to do so and pay as I use. Since I don’t use a lot of data in those instances, I also don’t pay much. In fact, only a few cents until now! If I understand correctly, it is even a safer VPN. I found it by chance, I was not aware that such a VPN even existed! One thing I didn’t fully get is the “multi hop” mode.. I guess it is a kind of even safer mode. Great app!


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