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Likee is not your ordinary destination for short-form mobile video. It’s raw, real, and without boundaries—whether you’re brushing your teeth at 7:45 a.m. or you’re making breakfast at 7:45 p.m. It’s from the gut, ‘come as you are’ storytelling told in 15 seconds. With Likee life’s more fun when you live in the moment and go beyond to explore. Watch millions of videos selected specifically for you. A personalized video feed specifically for you based on what you watch, like, and share.

Likee will quickly adapt to your taste to offer the relevant, interesting, fun, quirky, head-turning videos that you’ll never want to stop watching. Get entertained and inspired by a global community of creators
Millions of creators are on Likee showcasing their incredible talents, precious moments, and knowledge. Let yourself be inspired. Please remove Likee on my Play store. I keep reinstalling and procrastinating all the time because of this app. This is a serious mental health issue.

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I waste more than 3 hours a day watching non sense vids from Likee. I know it can be entertaining but it negatively gives us a lot of dopamine that almost make us hard to stop, and wastes a lot of time that doesn’t even contribute to our productivity.This app is so much fun to use. I’m not Someone who makes a content but enjoys watching other people’s contents, & this app allows me to do just that. Likee is awesome Likee helps me to be creative and share videos with other people and to dance this app.

Helps me with my shyness and confidence so in other words thank you for this awesome amazingly awesome app. I love this app I became kinda popular BCS of Likee I post a lot of art vids and I became kinda popular now ty for making this app. I enjoy Likee so much I can’t wait to knock off from work to get entertained by friends and family that I found in thank you for creating such platform for us. The app is actually a lot of fun and something I thing alot of people should try because for me.

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I think it is an app worth trying. Good app I like it I can’t watch sports videos and I can’t made videos and I got followwers and so many likes I enjoy dis app,I love this app because it shows the talent that people have all over the world. Seriously i really hate the video this person have dirty mind and i was like: “delete the Likee” i’m so scared then i install again so i gonna keep watching funny video not dirty video because i will report the video.A lot of fun and something I thing alot of people.

Likee is unbridled experience in life changing opportunities and shared experiences. Its simply so well Conceived interactive hub. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of same. Everything is good except that l cant watch live videos and send direct massages .few effects showing and l can not upload my photos. I really enjoyed spending time on Likee, when am sad I go there and watch a video that make me smile and forget my worries you guys are the best app in the words of all them.


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