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Friends, today we came to know about one of you who gives a lot of entertainment. We get to learn a lot. It is very specially made so that we can make people happy through our art. It is very beautiful. It is a very good word. Explore your favorite content: Humor, Comedy, Memes, Clips, Dance, Music, Fashion, News, Games, Pets and much more. With Snack Video, you can easily upload, edit and download short videos. Unlock massive filters and stickers to create your masterpiece. Snack Video is a social network for funny short videos and trends.

Just scroll away and find what you like. Snack Video offers you real, interesting and funny videos that will make your day. Discover, create and share short videos, maybe you are setting off the latest trend in the world! Snack Video brings together creators and KOLs from all fields, follow them and join the latest trends. Snack Video provides you with the most relaxing and interesting creative experience.
Meet funny creators in Snack Video. Twitter, YouTube with your friends. Be the focus with unique content and superb editing skills them.

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Join our community by liking, commenting, sharing, and watching live broadcasts. Enjoy the instant fun. We can download the flight video from Play Store Gold. It’s very little MB on Play Store. What’s less here than we can reveal. Here on the Play Store it is fifty to sixty rupees. Can I download it from play store.  Speaking of his house, the number of downloaders is more than two million, which is very high. You can see how much is being used.It has more than a hundred million downloads on the Play Store that can keep us alive no matter how much.

This app is actually nice but idk why I can’t do withdrawal with my DANA account and it was write if my account is abnormal. This isbmy favorite in Play store and great app for enjoyment and entertainment and very well app for short videos,This is a great app for short videos. Make videos with good content and keep people entertainment.I don’t know where is the thing about abnormal. I hope you can help me about this. after. Continue to support this app and take care of yourself and everyone,Coins are not rotating after update of new version.

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I could do the withdraw I will change my rate to this app. I update my snackvideo twice but nothing happens same problem. Dear Snack Video Team, when I click on the coin circle while watching the video, the next page does not open on my mobile screen. Not a good app .I m using only one account but getting only one coin .also may cash not withdrawal.Coin pendant not rotating and my previous coins and RS balance not showing.I complaint again and again but they are not solving my problem..very bad experience.i suggest everyone not to install this app.

To much worst update after the update I’m not be able to send messages in family. I give one star to this app because when i put the invitation code although my internet connection is strong and all the videos are loading then binding is failed and my account is not old then seven days,I am reviewing it again, because you idiots don’t provide full information. and I can comment also but I’m not be able to send messages.In the previous review, you replied that coins will be provided once someone completes the daily required time.



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