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Supervene, total free VPN client.Easy to use, one click to connecting VPN.Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited free trial time. Protect your privacy, keep you safe from 3rd party tracking . Unblock geographically restricted websites No registration required, no settings required No speed limitation, no bandwidth limitation One-click to connecting VPN No root access needed Encrypts your internet traffic Top server speed & reliability ,Using most secure VPN solution. The app provides 20 days triad.

After 20 days, you can use the app for 60 minutes each session. When session ends, a simple reconnect will get another session.The app works properly. The speed is fast. I saw many ads about VPN apps but didn’t watch any ad for this. But anyway, now I just hope it works the same way in the future. This is the best! I was trying to opening cap cut effects and the effects didn’t load and when i searched how to fix this this app camed and it work! Thank u! I almost ended my cap cut editing career,they can easy to use.

Download SuperVPN

This app doesn’t make a connection even after making sure of all the settings. I’ve bought the VIP and also useless, no connections are made. Amazing app! Its very simple to use and works like a charm. Would recommend to anyone who needs vpn for free. Hope they make a Windows version. Earlier about 1 month ago when i install this app it was working properly either i have less internet or more, but nowdays about 1 week its’nt working properly idk why but plz fix that problem it doesn’t connects to any country.

It takes a lot of time in loading….so m fed up because of this issue plz fix it. I used a lot of vpn’s all of them are slow and full of ads if you don’t buy. But now I m using this and Its really good . Once you download you will not Uninstall. been using this for years since Middle School and its always worked simply and perfectly! couldnt have asked for a better way to bypass blocks n stuff :). Seems very suspicious from the get-go, definitely a fabricated rating shown in the App store as well considering it’s awful reviews online.

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Tried it only for about 10 minutes and the speed is unbearably slow with an incredibly buggy interface. I literally didn’t feel comfortable having it on my phone so deleted it within 15 minutes of use. Super vpn is very bad now i love this app before but after few update this is worst now because of their ads and always crash after battery optimization and permissions same always crash fix this app soon and end the loading option. Well if you ask me it’s the best free vpn that there is I’ve been using it for a while now and it has worked for me greatly.

And one more thing can you please decrease the number of ads than I’ll give it another star. Way too many adverts to test the app also when the app is running and supposed to be connected to a server in France, it still shows my location of where I live. Best VPN I’ve ever used. Still using this vpn and it results great. Suggested to all the free vpn users who are suffering while using other vpn apps. I think it will help’em out. This is a great app! Helps alot, since I cannot able to open capcut effects,this is very useful app.


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