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HD Camera with real-time filters for videos & photos, quick beauty camera, professional capture mode, panorama, night mode, is the best HD Camera and Selfie Camera. With Amazing quick snap, build in powerful photo editor and video cutter, HD Camera is a fully featured camera app. With powerful photography ability, HD Camera can help you quickly and perfectly to record your daily life. Beauty Camera makes your selfie more attractive automatically and quickly. HD Camera, Selfie Camera is incredible professional Camera app.

HD Camera is a full-featured camera app to take beautiful pictures and videos. So far I’m happy with the edit function of the camera but I’m not sure if it is going to be the most useful camera on the phone, I don’t see much for options for actually shooting video and still shots. All of the FIX on the list work right and the only thing I don’t like are the filters and the cropping, you have a great product and I am glad to be using a better default camera on the phone. The camera that was on my phone did not work so I’m thrilled to have found this one.

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Resolution settings keep reverting to the higher megapixels, so if I choose the low resolution 4:3 format in settings it’ll take the picture in the low resolution but the second I change the format to say 16:9 then back to 4:3 within the camera controls (not settings) it reverts to the annoying high resolution large file format. Great camera app, its a great alternative to the stock app from LG and improves the quality of your pictures quite a bit. HOWEVER, the constant, intrusive ad popups and lack of an ad free version dropped my overall rating of the app.

I really wish you gave users the option to pay a fee to have ads turned off. Hell, some of your ads are for alternate free camera apps, seem counter intuitive to me. The colour balance and features are good, but the UI navigation thinking I’m swiping a totally unrelated part, and the absolutely awful issue of auto focus always going out of focus just before taking the photo makes this app almost useless. The Ads are also obnoxious. Edit: It now enters a weire white screen – black screen boot loop on launch and is completely unusable.

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Ditto on this one too. Captures just what i need in detail. OK.update. Great camera. Really great EXCEPT…when you may be in the middle of photographing and an ad pops up. Try to get rid of it anyway I can. Every time, it kicks me off the app and my settings are lost and after every 2 pictures is too much. I am so lucky. I often worry about not finding a good camera. Now this app can quickly beautify your face, while you can edit photos and record videos with real-time fighters. It also has other professional functions. Night scene mode and so on. This is really great.

A very easy-to-use camera. I like it so much. Not only can it take high-definition photos, but the filter and image editing functions are also very powerful. The beauty camera can take photos that I am very satisfied with. Thanks to the developer for this A free application. This camera can help me take perfect and beautiful photos and videos. It has a wealth of filters, stickers, and other functions. I can retouch my photos well so that I can show the best of myself. Real-time filters help me quickly beautify.Whenever I cut a video, the audio and the video become distorted.


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