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Edit photos like master in our new app Photalia: Make Cool Content. Easy to use photo editor make editing photos fast and cool. When i open this app, first it shows to to purchase 5 sar for week, i don’t how this app is, how is It’s service, It’s a scam app to get money from you, and then It’s useless, it will show you a just a page or nothing, don’t waste your time n money, if i could report this app then i would like to definitely try to report.

Hi the app is even better but now a day’s I noticed an issue regarding project uploading on mobile app. The application doesn’t show any images in gallery i tried adobe creative cloud to upload files but still it showing error.It needs more improvement when you comment on someone story you are not able to see what you are typing. The comment “Post” should be feel like touchable when you click on Post button in comment section just nothing happen no effect feel like the button is clicked.

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I’m very impressed with the pictures you have given for this app , i was so excited to download this app but it’s not letting me sign up . i dont know for what reason but i really want this little thing to get fixed so that i can carry on with my work ! would appreciate it a lot . An inspirational application. My source to find out plenty of ideas in no time.. And the imagination of creative artists come out live just like a waterfall!!! An absolute inspiring applications ever.

The app is quite difficult to use and doesn’t have the best user experience in the functions available, also often difficult to find certain things/settings. The work in progress stories do not allow individuals to share pieces from current projects or add video to them and overall could be a lot easier to use. The concept of sharing content in a creator dedicated platform is a good one. However, it’s quite possibly the most user unfriendly app I’ve ever used.

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Nothing works intuitively or logically. It’s hard enough just to add content. I’ll persevere for a few more days but if I can’t work it out I’ll be deleting the app and sticking with Tumbler. Shame. Good idea poorly executed. Cool app to find great designs and designers… You need to work on the messaging/chatting function though. Messages sent disappear incessantly when you return to the chat, and it’s really annoying. There are nice pieces of work thought.

I downloaded and installed this app on my phone but I’ve been unable to open it. I tried signing in numerous times using my email and Facebook account but all I get is this white screen with close at the top. All in all I’ll say opening this app for first time users has been extremely frustrating. If it’s possible to rate it zero I’ll do that. Image loading is way too slow on every screen (30s and still nothing), all notifications are activated to spam you by default.



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