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A professional and easy-to-use photo editing tool to help hobby photographers and design aficionados bring their art to life.Powerful photo editing, photo collage capabilities, combined with professional photo effects and advanced design resources, allow you to perform photo editing and easily share your creation on Instagram or Facebook. Write down the highlights of your life with amazing creativity.Pic Collage Photo Editor will provide the snap function for you .

You can add the emojis and text together and share the snap photo for your friends. It’s a powerful function for you and you can add any funny emojis and text . If you want remove it pals long touch it . There are more popular function for you .Blur background and shadow and overlapping . 15+ borders for you. You can add blur background for your photo and adjust it . We provide the solid background / grad background and pattern for your photo .

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I’ve been using this app for almost two years and so far it’s so good.Actually I just have one or two request(s) Could you developers make it possible to change the background of the photos and make it possible to write on a photo?The application description hints at great promise. However, the app is beset with many poor design decisions that render it unusable. To control what is being blurred one needs change the size of the brush. To start change where you want you must control the offset.

The value of a slider must change as the slider is moved. None of these controls are provided. I had a beautiful photo of a garden I wanted to print for for a gift but there was a large black bbq in the background of the photo. This app worked perfectly to blur out the bbq and I ended up with a great background and beautiful photo.Now I can print it and have a wonderful gift to give. This is quite a app I love it makes you want to do whatever you can on it it makes me excited to write more.

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Different things that’s in the world and on your cell phones don’t matter what cell phone it is it works on either one of them all that matter even the enough is the best of all Apps. Its really amazing, the different blur background, different filters and the general availability of varieties just makes this app so wow! Its the best blur app I’ve experienced. I saw an art post on IG and wondered how they did it, and just from a simple search I found the app that I was looking for.

Kinda doubting that this app had that feature and specific effect I was looking for—but my doubts got turned around positively. Thank you, kind developers! Additionally, my photos only load into the editor about half the time. I really want this app to get some love because when it works, it works well. Please let me know when you come out with an update, hopefully my problems will be resolved. Can’t just blur our a section. Want to blur out multiple faces in background and no way to just do the faces.


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