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Shazam will identify any song in seconds. Discover, artists, lyrics, videos & playlists, all for free. Over 1 billion installs and counting. Amazing application got searching of any particular music.I’ve never given five stars to any app before this.I use before a couple of years but now i don’t play audio songs on the app. I just wanna say it’s awesome  literally it is awesome. i love this app ,as it is really helpful and incredible.It’s awesome experience some times I had a video of few lyrics whenever  i try to play a track they said no track.

Available to play this is worst for me and I don’t also play background music In just few seconds it will get the song no matter from thanks to creator for providing such an amazing application to us. I tried to find that song it was very hard and sometimes impossible but thanks to Shazam it finds in just seconds. It is a great app for music lovers, i am giving it five stars because it catches the music or tone very fast. where the song is playing and in which Language the song is in short this feature is really very very awesome it is really a wonderful app.

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For me or for everyone.When I want to download a song and I don’t know song’s name. Shazam helps me to know the name But I have one problem. Swapping to using this app to find a song, any song of the time is absolutely fantastic & brilliant, & the best decision I made thanks to a user of Sound hound who gave it bad review & mentioned that he had switched to Shazam himself. Pretty good app overall, but a big oversight: if you register your email to save your Shazam hi troy, it’s impossible to change it. In order to ‘change’ your email.

You have to create a new account with the new email, It’s a good app and all, but there’s one MAJOR annoyance that makes me rate it two stars. The app will listen to a song for a few seconds and then will tell you what it ‘thinks’ the song is. If it’s wrong though. This app still amazes me, since I first tried it I’ve been amazed at how fast it works, and access to the info for any songs you throw at it. I’ve tried to trick it and don’t remember. I’ve been using Shazam since it first arrived and all I can say is boy it has come a long way.

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I use it to this day and for the most part it has a very high accuracy level. I would recommend them not solely based on getting the song information, but to store the request so you can see it organized by dates of all the requests you made that day was pretty cool sell to me and made it so much more cohesive sense as an app. I love Shazam! It picks up on even the most obscure songs, including anime themes and those sung by tubers and You Tubers. I’ve had it catch songs while people were talking in the background and music that has no lyrics.

It’s honestly the best I’ve ever used. I love and wouldn’t use anything else as long as it stays the same. It’s good but it updates like three times a week and every update i have to ooen the app so it sets up and if i didn’t do that it won’t work and the auto shazam stops and seriously the amount of updates is insanely annoying and i don’t notice any difference at all in the new updates it’s not faster or any thing and the set up bug is the same every time.It’s a great app I can finally just record some part of a song within seconds and play it another time even.


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