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Have asked on more than one occasion why my Zello keeps disconnecting, even though mobile data is always on. I’ve been asked to send screen shots of the error!!! How much more explanation can I give you? App seems to disconnect when WiFi carrier changes…and this is bad because I’m part of a neighborhood watch group so I can’t afford to be with no connection. My queries have been ignored. I don’t know if it’s my phone or The city I live in, But this is Mostly on You.

Nice .but I hope they bring back the old style of zello channel search scroll … and not this precise txt search .. that is hard to do .. one mistake of letter i had to do it all over again it’s a time-consuming for us zello user. Unless you are here for a specific group its very boring. Channels from 2013 are still live with no one moderating so they are dead. i wish they had a 1 yr timer. also why not have channel suggestions? You have to search them by name. my son has ore funn with walkie talkis outside.

Download Zello PTT Walkie Talkie

Good app maybe even a bit better then Voxer. Only thing I would like to see change is the status of your profile. The app automatically switches my status to busy and I have to keep switching it back to available. It should remain on available unless we change it to something else ourselves. It shouldn’t do it automatically for us. I use this app for our security company and the one thing is something I don’t need to happen. Zello used to be a lot of fun, being able to drop in channels.

Not what it used to be. Zello used to be an app that was very alive. People talking all the time and easy to find active channels. Now it’s the complete opposite. You don’t see any channels anymore, you have to manually search them and it says all of them have 0 people in it even if it’s not true. Even channel NonStopTalk is dead, even with people in it. No active channels. No one talking. The app is ruined. You used to be able to join groups without having to be invited to or search four groups .

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The application works Flawless it’s a great app but it’s not what it used to be or as fun as it used to be. You used to be able to join groups without having to be invited to or search four groups and you will automatically get a list you can join. Now you can only talk to people you know, not much different from sending a voice clip through SMS or any of the other social media apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. I hope it goes back to how it was a few years back.

HURRICANE PREP ESSENTIAL!! My family and I are able to communicate thru this app when the power, internet, and phone lines are down. With Katrina we got the “all circuits are busy” message when everyone was trying to call loved ones. This app is super easy, dependable, and should be mandatory for families during hurricane (or tornado) season. MUST ACTIVATE THRU EMAIL! That’s the only snag we encountered when making it work. So install Zello before you need it then activate it in your email.


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